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Insignis Invest is a brand of the Insignis West Group, a European company with several business areas ranging from Business Consulting to Human Resources, Real Estate, Investments, and Training. 


We have extensive experience in monitoring national and international real estate investments in Portugal. Our specialty is strategic investments in value-added properties in the areas of Lisbon, Center, Península de Setúbal, and Alentejo.

Insignis Invest has access to the national and international investor market, so we are attentive to the trends and strategic investments they make in the real estate market. 

If you intend to buy or sell a property, consult us without commitment, our way of acting is of total secrecy in monitoring and advising in the purchase process.


With strong experience, our team has all the tools to help you in the search for the best investment.


A team of highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience in the most diverse areas.


Our team of consultants works daily in prospecting to find the best business opportunities for their clients.

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